Teen Counselling is an ‘adolescent friendly’ service and as such, our aim is to enable young people and their parents or carers deal with difficulties, within the context of the family.


We offer families/carers who access the service the time and space in which to work through or resolve the issues that contribute to their distress with the support of a counselling team.

Counselling Team 

We provide a professional non-judgemental and friendly service using highly trained and experienced Teen Counsellors to help Teens through troubled times.


Teen Counselling provides a number of Resources for Teens, Parents, Carers and Professionals and we also provide training courses using the Positive Systemic Practice model of Teen Counselling


 Introduction Video to the Services Provided by Teen Counselling

A Positive and Practical Course for Parents of  teenagers

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Parents are really important in helping their teenagers develop and grow up as responsible adults. Yet parenting can sometimes a difficult job and everyone needs support and help.

The Parents Plus Adolescents Programme hopes to help you:

•              Getting to Know and Connecting with Your Teenager

•              Communicating Effectively

•              Negotiating Rules and Boundaries

•              Teaching Teenagers Responsibility

•              Managing Conflict

•              Solving Problems Together

The course does not propose to find magic answers but hopes to help parents to gain the support of other parents and to find down-to-earth solutions for difficult situations. The focus of the course is positive and aims to build on your strengths as a parent and what you are already doing right

Who should attend

The course is open to all parents/careers with Teens from 12-17

Where possible we recommend that both parents attend the course as we have found this helps the child the most. If you are parenting alone please feel free to bring along another supportive family member.

Practical details

The course consists of eight parent group meetings where we will give you input on behaviour management and communication and support you in applying these ideas in your home. 





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