We offer families who access the service the time and space in which to work through or resolve the issues that contribute to their distress with the support of a counselling team. Teen Counselling is an 'adolescent friendly' service and as such, our aim is to enable young people and their parents or carers deal with difficulties, within the context of the family.

Objectives of the Service

  • To provide a service in a friendly, efficient, competent and easy to access manner.
  • To promote mutual understanding and respect between teenagers and parents or others in a similar position.
  • To enhance a family's capacity to enjoy relationships both internally and with the wider community.
  • To help adolescents to develop into well rounded adults, avoiding or at least minimising the negative effects of difficulties that teenagers and families experience.
  • To share the service's expertise and experience where appropriate.

These Objectives are realised through our work in the following five areas

  • Clinical work with teenagers and their parents/carers.
  • Interagency co-operation and consultation.
  • Community based work.
  • Policy development and submissions.
  • Dissemination of expertise, experience and best practice.

Typcial issues that Teen Counselling deals with

  • Family conflict and communication difficulties
  • Self harm
  • Disruptive behaviour at home or school
  • Learning difficulties
  • Life changes due to parental separations or bereavement
  • Health Issues
  • Anxiety and mood problems
  • Bullying
  • Early drug and alcohol use

As soon as I contacted Teen Counselling I felt I was in the right hands.... they helped me deal with a difficult time in my life.